The Presto defines my opinion on the adidas’ Ultra Boost perfectly.


For my Presto I paid from 15 € (Factory Store) to about 50 € (Footlocker sale),
I am not stupid, I see that was during the golden times and even as Footlocker had a run of many simple, good retros, they never reached the prices I would pay, even in sale.


They were marketed as ‘running shoes’, but I’m not sure if they could take runs, especially longer ones. I would use them for shorter runs or just as a lounging/walking shoe.
The Ultra Boost seems to have a better sole for running.

The Ultra Boost is just adidas’ Presto, almost the same.
Both are comfortable and consist of a sock with a laced plastic cage around it.


But back to the price, would I pay 150-180 € for a Presto? Even if some prick wore them?

Definetly not.

If the Ultra Boost makes it to sale racks and has a price of about 110 €, I will think about it. But spending retail (125 €) on a Presto was hard for me, but I liked the blue one.

The Presto is one of the most comfortable shoes ever,
I sold many because the color combinations were strange sometimes.

I like the sizing in t-shirt sizes that stresses the laid-back character of the shoe.

Buying advice:
Are there any reasons against them?
Looks propably.
Get it if you want a lounge shoe that doesn’t look like one.
Don’t get it to run in.

It is an us8.