History of Air.


Many people (me included) call them the last good retro of the 87.
Fact is that these are the last red OG in the old shape. Any or most newer pairs had the new one.

But why is it so popular? Nike has changed the shape of the Air Max 87 in about 2009. It can be mostly seen in the mudguard at the toes, the new ones don’t look that way.

If you don’t recognise them by the overall shape, I guess the tongue is the defining part.


These are arguably one of the best from the “Powerwall”, not the most expensive though.

They are 10 years old now, so new, unworn pairs may be unwearable. Think about it if you spend like 250-350 € on these and can’t even wear them.

I added laces from the Air Maxim, which have red tips. I think they go well with these.

The “History of Air”-line (celebrating the original Air Max’s in their original colors) was a part of the “Powerwall”, more details coming soon.


Buying advice:
The History Of Air is among the most coveted Air Max 87s
but it still isn’t as popular as an AMS or a Kid Robot.
Get it if you want a rare Air Max 87 that is still a bit underrated.
Don’t get it if you want something loud.

They are an us 8.