The Mogan is Nike’s try
to make a skateboard-looking sneaker for the masses.
The regular version is far from exclusive
and can be found at big retailers.


It’s strange how you turn a rather mainstream kick
with some trekking twists and a collab partner to something that works.

Stussy collaborating with Nike is a partnership with history.
If you look at most of them, the colors are rather muted down.


They rarely are easy matching shoes
but I consider them one of the best
and usually underrated.

Here are some examples:


The Stussy labeled Huarache Light samples even
are among the rarest pairs.
Screw your AMS, Yeezys or Parra Air Max if you have these.


The difference between them and the regular ones is
apart from the Stussy-logo the whole make up,
which is less a skateboard-sneaker but a hiking sneaker.

They switched out the mid- and outsole, gave them trekking-laces
and added some metal rings to the lacing and the green strap in the lacing.


That’s all it took to transform the mainstream sneaker.

It is one of those pairs that easily go under the radar
but once you see them again, it’s usually:
‘Ooooooh, I remember those!’

So I consider them a good sneaker
away from all the hype.
And it surely is worth to be remembered.

Buying advice:
They are mostly overseen
so should be hard to get since nobody appreciated them.
If you see them, grab them and be happy you were lucky.
Get them if you like Stussy and if you like a bit of hiking in your fashion.
Don’t get them if you don’t want to be mistaken
with the average Mogan-wearer.


It is an us 8.