One of my best.

I just love them, if there are more comfortable shoes,
you have to search a long time for them.

As you can see, I am an owner of several Fragment Sock Darts
which are quite rare.
But since the Fragment-Logo is only on the insole, who cares?


Guess they were marketed as ‘running shoes’,
but I wouldn’t run too much in them.
Apart from the price, you can’t get a really good fit with the strap
and the sole should have more profile.
But for lounging or just walking around it is one of the best.

They fit strange.
I have an us 7 and a us 8, both fit me I guess.
On the us 8 the sock is a bit more loose,
on the us 7 I have to open the strap wide or the heel looks strange.
Both soles fit my foot length I guess.
But since the heel is really flexible
and fits some sizes,
it being available only in full sizes isn’t that bad.


So my recommendation is:
Go with your regular size
or you might get away with a half or whole size smaller.

Buying advice:
The Sock Dart is one of the most comfortable sneakers by Nike
and it is no performer turned casual,
it was designed with comfort in mind from the ground up.
Get it if you want a shoe that is comfy and rare.
Don’t get it if you want a sports shoe.

It is an us 8.