When I first saw the Pendleton options,
I thought they were a good idea
but I tried and tried and couldn’t make one I really liked.

In the end I used earth colors like green and brown
so I remembered the BRS Air Max 87 from the Powerwall,
which is rather too expensive now and therefore out of my reach.


Also since they are some years old now
and getting a pair in a good condition for a reasonable price
is almost impossible.

I wanted to use the BRS (blue ribbon sports) as an inspiration
without actually redoing the model exactly.


My version is supposed to be a nod to the original
but still be different enough to be a good one.

For laces I went for the two colored option
but accidentally didn’t read their color,
I thought they would match the tongue.

Ended up having to replace them.


They might be newer shaped Air Max 1s,
but they are nice nonetheless.

Mine should be suitable for warmer weather
since I used mesh on the toebox
but if I used more of the rather heavy Pendleton-material,
these surely would be tough and warm wintersneakers.

Smooth leather is used on the mudguard
for them to withstand some puddles.


There are several iD-options for the model but the pendleton was scrapped.

Buying advice:
The Pendleton options aren’t available anymore on,
so they might only appear on the second hand market.
They shouldn’t be that expensive
since the newer Air Max 1 aren’t accepted widely.
Get it if you want a really exclusive version of the new shaped Air Max 1.
Don’t get it if you just can’t stand the shape.

It is an us 8.