I know, I know…

I’ve always had something to say against ‘inspired by’-iDs.
But this pair is actually cheaper than the OG
and has a better shape in many ways.
So multiple wins over the OG.

The colors are a bit different with the original being of a purple tone
and this one a blue color.

Also the laces are different.
The laces of the original are pink and orange
so they are a bit different than the volt ones here.
I would’ve preferred two orange laces but they are still ok.


The ACG-logo on the tounge was nice
but this ACG branding on the heel is very good too.


What I think is better over time is the material.
The original was a kind of linen and faded quite quick when it was cleaned.
The black mesh of this one should be more stable over time.

Buying advice:
The recent iDs leave you with the oppportunity
to design many older pairs that are either ridiculously expensive
or released in the 2009-2017 shape.
Get it if you want a newer colorway but in the new/ old shape.
Don’t get it if you don’t like the Air Max.

It is an us 8.