Compared are a Pegasus from 1992 against the version from 2016.

But it is no real original since it was soleswapped because the original sole was cracking and therefore unwearable.

The original is quite obvious because the upper has yellowed over the years.

The sole may not be 100% perfect but it is fitting enough.

The tongue logo is executed much cleaner on the new pair.

But as I always say:

Yes, the original may be harder to track down, carry a sentimental value and be more expensive after a resole, but the retro is definetly worth a look.


It is easier to get, cheaper and it is executed really well, the waxed laces with golden tips really give them a premium feel and Nike hasn’t used tumbled leather (or a lookalike) as on theseĀ  on many pairs.

So, OG or retro? Your call…

It is an us 8.


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