Just to show you:
Not all retros are bad.
Many people think:

Older is better.


That may be true for sentimental value but what good is an old shoe that disintegrates with wear and needs to be glued first? Or isn’t wearable at all?

-> Wearability?IMG_2734

IMG_2732(no trickery, both have the same shoetrees in and are shot from the same angle)


The toebox is slightly different on the 2014 and the whole shape is less straight, but that might be the result of wearing as the OGs are worn.

My guess is: They would look at least 90% the same if both are worn in the same amount.

And if you don’t like how the tip is pointed, just use one of many “reshaping”-advices.

-> Reshaping

It is not as “black and white” as many people like to say.

Where you can actually see a difference is the height of the heel, but I think that’s not the reason the retro is hated.


Also (believe it or not) older doesn’t always mean better. If you take the Nike Air Max 90 infrared, the OG has a stiching over the Swoosh which I don’t like.


Also the famous “History of Air”-version is, compared to its successors, maybe better in materials but has a worse shade of infrared, a lot less vibrant.


10485798_813715478646659_2642786743696443443_o(The pic doesn’t really show it.)

Same with the Nike Air 180 ultramarine. I had the History of Air as well as the recent vintage-retro. Guess which one I sold?
Yes, I actually sold the older one, but I like the newer better because of the red which is much more vibrant.



The old ones may be yellowed a bit, but only be wearable after a sole swap?

So you can wear your childhood heroes only after you put some work in?
I’d rather get a (good) new one and wear them without any problems.

Or you can even overlook some faults because you can easily wear them.

It is cheaper most of the time and wearing an old 300 €- shoe? Imagine if you spill something on it.

Get a new one. wash it, done deal.



One problem nowadays is:
Shoes are compared by the millimeter up close, but think about it: When you wear them, your eyes are at least like 1,50 mtrs away.

Also comparing used shoes (which most OGs are) to new ones isn’t fair.

What I’m saying is this:
Give the retros a chance, they might not exactly be the same as the OGs but still ok.

Don’t just judge them: “Retros are bad.”
(It may be true that some brands have made bad retros, but that doesn’t mean they are all bad.)

In case of the Huarache and Huarache Light, the OG might be more true to size as the retros fit very small.


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