It is a quadcopter/plane by premium (~) brand Parrot.
Its speciality is its ability to turn in air and fly like a plane.
But you can hit a button anytime and it will turn back to a quadcopter and ‘hit the brakes’.

At first I like to mention the pros:

  • Parrot is producing products of high quality,
    so the drone and the controller have a nice feel.
  • The added smartphone may not deliver an active picture from the drone,
    but it has a low-power alarm and monitors every data of your flight, like speed, altitude and battery life.
  • The used ultrasonic-sensor (and camera?) does a good job
    of keeping the drone in one place.
  • The option to turn your quad into a plane is a nice change
    from only flying as a drone. And it is quick like that too.
  • There is an auto-start/-land function
    as well as it can start by getting thrown in the air.

    My cons were:

  • 80% of the drone is made from foam,
    so it is quite vulnerable and may have some dents quite soon.
  • Although it has a camera, I rarely saw a worse quality
    (think of ~2005 cellphone-pics). Oh, and it’s facing downwards (!)
    so when flying as a quadcopter, you can take nice pics of the ground or when as a plane, you can document where you were…
    img_5702It may be part of the postitioning device, but it takes pics
    so judging it is not too unfair.
  • The price of around 119€ seems ok at first,
    but if you think of getting a foam flyer
    and spending 40€ on top for the controller,
    it suddenly isn’t that low.
  • Parrot is still selling its name…

In comparison:
My JXD 506G may not have sensors in it,
flies much more unstable and can’t be flown as a plane
but it has a much better cam, is less dependent on wind and is more durable.
So it depends on what you want.

I still think Parrot charges way too much for their products.
It is a quite good choice for anybody
that just wants a toy and doesn’t want to get in the hobby.
It is easy to fly, it is a lot of fun to do so
and it helps the unexperienced flyer.

Buying advice:
Although it is a good flyer with some nice features,
it is still a lot of money for what you get.
Get it if you want a high quality flyer
with nice extras and don’t care about the money.
Don’t get it if you think of price-performance,
there may be other alternatives then,
and if you don’t like to kiss names.

(It is my fifth drone, so I know a bit what I’m talking about.)