Beginner’s choice.

Why is it a good option?

The 506G is a nice starter for beginners that want a camera bird.
It features altitude hold via a barometer which helps you to fly as it keeps its altitude by itself with the air pressure, no need to adjust the throttle.


Don’t get it if you want a fast, agile, sporty drone.
It does flips but I wouldn’t recommend it
as it drains quite a bit of power and loses some altitude.

Its smaller brothers, the 510G and the 509G
seem to be equal replacements but trust me: They aren’t.

They might take much better pics and video with a simple mod,
but in comparison the 506G is bigger and has a remotely tiltable camera and may be the better outdoor choice for that matter.
Because it is bigger though the smaller versions may be better for an indoor flight.


Remember to fly it over an unpopulated area though,
especially when you don’t have a timer running
to know when the battery is low.
When the power is empty it will land, it doesn’t care where,
so rather in the field than over another house or a tree.

The image quality is nowhere near a professional
(and much more expensive) drone,
but for a hobby flier it is good enough.

There are other cheap beginner’s options available but none
(to my knowledge) has an anti-jello device,
so the vibrations are seen on the video,
altitude hold and is that easy to fly.
This one actually has a rubber dampened camera,
which takes much less shaking video because of vibration.
Another point that may affect the video quality is the balancing of the props.
If you want to take the best vids possible, balance them to avoid vibrations.

(I’ve actually lost one rubber in a crash.)

The range is sufficient, especially in Germany,
where you have to fly in sight’s range.

Buying advice:
Get it it if you want to fly outdoors easily
and want to take some pics and video.
For indoor flying, no matter what the weather,
get its smaller brothers, the 509G or the 510G.
Don’t get it if you want to make professional aerial videos
or want something acrobatic.


Get it!