I’ve had to think it over very hard.

The Air Force One is a classic model from Nike
but I’ve never really liked it.
The sole simply was too thick for me.
And in this case I am no fan of white outsoles, too.


But since I am a Carhartt-fan I ordered them with payment via invoice
so I could take a look at it first.

To say it convinced me would be an understatement.

They’ve won my heart completely.
The materials, the execution, the colors, everything.

The materials are the signature tough Carhartt-canvas
with some corduroy added at the heel.


And suddenly the white soles are not that bad.

I switched the laces to a Timberland set I had laying around
and although the colors are not exactly the same I think they look good on the sneaker.


It is an us 8.