I just love the Trainerendor and when they did a collab with Stussy, I was all over it.

The blue one was rather unpopular and I’ve seen them recently for sale reduced to 65 € even some time after the release.

But the green one was the better of the two, I think. Its upper is completely reflective (different than the blue one) and should show as white on a pic taken with flash.


Stussy logos are only on the tongue and the strap on the heel is a bit different.


To people I explain the Trainerendor as a ‘Roshe with more substance’. It is comparably light, just seems sort of ‘beefy’.


They have additinal laces in green, but I like the black one.

Buying advice:
The Trainerendor is a new model from Nike
and it is seemingly suitable for trekking use.
Especially this version (Stussy) is both flashy and decent.
Get it if you like the model and have a thing for hiking stuff.
Don’t get it if you only like retros.

It is an us 8.