For example a Nike / Jordan tag from 2016.

Nike tags look about the same.

The tag is a good way to identify fakes, most fakes don’t get all the points right.

So what to look for?

  1. First, the writing of the sizes and numbers should be reasonably in line and not too chaotic.
  2. Nike shoes have the product code on the tag. In this case 528895-102. If you want to check it for legitimacy, enter the code on Google picture search with ‘Nike’. It should show pics of the shoe, no other pair. If it shows different shoes, bad news.
  3. The production date is mentioned too. So this pair was produced from 9th of February 2016 to 6th of May 2016.

If you aren’t experienced in spotting a fake tag, just compare it to a legit pair.

So if a pair is not easily declared as a fake from flaws on the outer, just compare the tags.