If I told you, you wouldn’t believe it.

I knew there was a Jordan vintage pack of Dunks
that looked like some Jordan models and were released usually.


But I designed that iD completely off my mind,
I just wanted some details of the Jordan 3.

But when it arrived I looked through Google
and the regular version looked 90% the same.
How are the odds of that?

Differences are the sole and the Swoosh.


Thought about selling them many times
but I think I’ll keep these.

The released version is a vintage yellowed version,
this one isn’t.


Buying advice:
The Dunk is a good and cheap way to make your own iD-model
that will stand the test of time.
I wouldn’t be so sure that a Thea is still looking good in 5 years…
Get it if you want a individual Nike classic.
Don’t get it if you always buy what’s hip.

It is an us 8.