Full length.


Usually I think the Air Max line died around 2000.

This is the exception, in my opinion
they did everything right with this one.

Shape, colors, comfort…


I really have my doubts
if the current Air Max are good for actual running.
Back in 1997 came the first opinions
that said the Air Max became more of a fashion statement
instead of a good running shoe.

If you want to use them for running
at least you have to deal with a large volume airbag,
which eliminates most of the ground feel.


They came at the time Nike used their Hyperfuse technology a lot
so these are a bit plasticky as well.
Which is their only fault as I can see.

Standard materials like leather or suede just feel more premium.

Buying advice:
Not sure about them for actual running, these are comfortable and the colors are a classic, always.
Get it if
Don’t get it if

It is an us 8.