It seems to be a main problem.

Many people either don’t have Paypal or want it as the only payment option because they think then they are save.

should you offer/ use Paypal?

Paypal used to be a save way to pay. But scammers found ways to get your money using Paypal, even with the ‘safer method’.
See here.

Paypal is still the best way to pay and the safest,
if you keep your brain switched to ‘on’.


Paypal gives you the possibility to get your money back easily when something is wrong. There is no such option for a bank transfer,
the bank may return your money, but you have to prove there was a mistake with the transfer or have to beg the recipient to send the money back.

‘So, Paypal is save, right?’

If a seller sells fake shoes on Ebay and offers Paypal, you could say:
‘Well, I am save with Paypal…’

You receive the shoes, and at first they seem legit so you put them in store as many sneakerheads do. Well, you have 180 days time to complain, right?
Then after like 60 days you get suspicious and test them again. This time they do not withstand the thorough tests and it is proven (with pics) they are fake.

Paypal will decide the complaint for the seller since they assume the goods are shoes and are worn by now and not in the same state as sold.
This is wrong, as everybody will tell you but Paypal doesn’t reopen a closed case and won’t even look at the pics.
They say the 180 days are not for that case. If you get fakes you have to claim immediately or miss out.
So in that case the time is like 30 days.

My verdict is:

Paypal is the best way to quickly send money, especially when privately buying shoes.
But it is not 100% save, be careful.

‘Paypal Gift’ or bank transfer should be reserved for people you trust anyway.