I always say:

Paypal is the best way to do deals, especially as a buyer.

What happened to me today:

Dude sent me a message on KLEKT, he was interested in a shoe and I should use Facebook to contact him.

I did. He was strangely cooperative, didn’t even negotiate the price, and told me to send an invoice, which I did.

I got a mail from ~Paypal (from a strange adress) claiming the money was in their hands and I have to provide tracking to claim it.


Good thing that I buy my shipping online so I gave them the numbers immediately. Got an answer within minutes thanking me for the numbers and payment was processing but they need a copy of my ID and the receipt from the post office.


(Also note that they didn’t use your real name to approve their legitimacy. And some mistakes in their English, the same as in the first text.)

That really made me suspicious, especially as my Paypal-account still showed the invoice as ‘unpaid’ not ‘pending’ or similar.

So I typed the email-adress (paymentupdate@email.biz) in Google. First results were ‘SCAMS!’ and the first was a post in the Sole Collector Forum, with the exact same adress and mail I got.

I checked KLEKT too and his profile showed just one feedback, one negative. He/she described exactly the same: “Scammer. Fake-email from Paypal!”

I ended up paying the shipping in vain, but that is a small price, worse would be to send shoes out for free.
(I learned now that I could have got the money back if I contacted the customer service and explained the situation.)

He now got 6 negative feedback and all say ‘scammer’ and he is blocked by KLEKT.