I remember getting them.
After several rounds of negotiations I gave in and I took them.

When they arrived they had the xxx/100 limited wooden box included.
I didn’t expect that.


That gave me such a bad conscience I wrote the seller
and gave him a bit more money and apologised.

They look a bit like the Curry Air Max 87, but
compared besides each other,
these don’t have to shy away.

They have Footpatrol-branding on several parts,
but they are still an understatement.


One heel has the famous ‘gasmask’-Logo,
the other an ‘Asics’-Logo. If seen from one side,
both shoes say ‘Gel Saga’,
from the other ‘Footpatrol’ on the side of the heel.



I just love how they used 3M material on parts of the shoe.
And how the inner stripes are just reflective is their landmark.


They have three sets of laces included:
Blue, lighter and darker brown.
The lighter are the color of the midsole,
the darker are the color of the upper.

I am not planning on giving them away soon,
if I do, they won’t go cheap.

For different laces I chose some ropes first but I wasn’t a 100% convinced by those.
These fit the colors better and are no hyped ropes.


Another point of use were these as a hypebeast-catcher.
If I showed my collection to somebody and this was the only pair they liked,
it was obvious they were raised in the Asics craze and therefore newer heads who throw money around to get the latest hype to be hip.


Buying advice:
It is one of the best Footpatrol collabs and I liked the gasmask logo too.
Qualitywise they are superb
and the wooden box version surely should be among the top in any collection.
Get it if you want one of the best.
Don’t get it if you are on a budget.

It is an us 7.5.