Cement ’88.


Another example of my strange taste. 😀

I always liked the colorway of the Cement Jordan3s
but I found the sneaker to be somewhat ‘bulky’.

When I first saw the Tenacity, I thought:
Well, these look ok and could be really comfy.

I saved some bookmarks and I expected them to hit sale racks
which they did and I eventually copped.


Transferring basketball designs to runners is quite shaky,
and has been done several times and mostly failed.
If you are a purist you could say ‘cement belongs on a basketbal silouette!’,
well, I guess you can’t force people to be open minded.

Since Jordan moved away from producing high-performance basketball game shoes to making sneakers for every aspect of life, be it games, training, workout or leisure, and doing so for years, these shouldn’t be that bad.

The combination or a runner with ZoomAir cushioning
is the pinnacle of comfortable sneakers.
They might actually be ok for running too.


They may only feature a ZoomAir pad under the heel
but they included a Jordan FlightPlate as well.

Buying advice:
It is the latest runner from Jordan
so it should hold up to the tasks while still sporting a famous design.
Get it if you want a comfortable option in a legendary design.
Don’t get it if you want the best runner.

It is an us 8.