Here they are again.

Is it just me or do you just have to wait some years for them
to appear again if you missed a release?

Jordans used to be exclusive,
now they just claim to be.

Nowadays you can pick up many og colorways easily
or even in a sale.


They need to switch their game up to keep the people interested
that have seen the same shoe release 3 times.
How about a 300€ premium version of each one
compared to a regular version for everyone?
That way you can distinguish the hype people from the connoiseurs.

I’ve had the 2000 first retros, picked up in a Factory Store for 65€.
They were my vacation kicks once, even worn them in New York.


With the new one you have to ask yourself:
How much does yellowing bother me?

The new sole with a blue tint to avoid yellowing
is not really true to the original.

I usually am no fan of this sole
but in this case it matches the color at least.

When I get a Jordan XI I want a clean, clear sole,
I don’t care if it is yellowed after years.

Unfortunately they have the ‘steel toe’ toe most XI retros have.
I played with Photoshop a bit
to show you a toe shape I would like.

Buying advice:
Lows are usually made to be worn in summer
but these aren’t really breathable as the patent is airtight
and they use leather on the upper.
The IE is a more summer friendly version.
Get it if you always liked the original
and /or missed the original release.
Don’t get it if you want a light sneaker for summer.

It is an us 8.