Made in Germany/ Overkill.


A different approach.

In a time when everybody wants to make as much profit as possible
and therefore producing in Asia under bad circumstances many times,
these go in the opposite direction.
The higher price comes from better materials, sure,
but also remember that german workers are treated better
and paid more than their colleagues in Asia.


What many don’t know that there is a whole range produced in Germany.
Here’s a informative flyer in german (with the contact email):

The ‘Made in Germany’-line by KangaROOS
includes some nice sneakers and shoes,
all for 199-360 €, but with a premium package.
And you know you support a german brand producing sneakers at home.


And here are all the available models:
KangaROOS – Made in Germany – Preisliste – www.kangaroos.deindex.phpdiscovermade-in-germany

These actually had a wooden box,
but it was added by Overkill and three pairs of laces.
It costs a bit more than your average pair but,
I am sorry to say, they might actually be worth it.

The price alone makes them rare
as not everybody will spend that much money on shoes.
Especially the Ultimate is really undercover
as it lacks any big brand logo.
I recently checked and they were still available, even discounted.

You can even get some of the ‘Stores x Made in Germany’-shoes,
without the storetag of course.
It lacks the logo, but should be a lot cheaper
than the actual models from a reseller.

The special Overkill tags include a printed insole,
a special tongue tag, their logo on the heel,
a small Overkill x KangaROOS tag on the side and a lace jewel.


Buying advice:
With nowadays everybody going away from the bigger brands
and trying to express individuality by supporting smaller brands
such as Saucony or Under Armour, these are as exclusive as can be.
Get it if you want a understatement in a sneaker.
Don’t get it if you still want a bit of reputation.

It is an eur 40.
(I hope we can end the discussion about how KangaROOS fit now.
They are a eur 40, which is a Nike us 7 and the insole is longer than a Nike us 8.)