Second time around.
I had them, but sold them.
Now recently size? had a unforeseen restock.

A kind of new Mariah as the upper seems to lack stitches,
especially the black part.


They are a mixture of several shoes.
It is actually an Air Mariah,
but updated with a Lunar sole
for lightweight cushioning.

They are a rather undercover collab
as there is no size?-logo or anything on the shoe
so you have to know.


The colorway is a nod to the Sock Racer, an old classic.
Propably the first minimal runner
with which it also shares almost the same insole.


You can actually notice the sole change as they are really light.

Why did I get them the second time?
I sort of missed them when they were gone.
‘You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.’ applies here too.

Buying advice:
Light and comfortable, a colorway not too alien.
What reasons are against them?
They may fit a bit tight though.
Get them if you want an updated retro with a familiar colorway.
Don’t get them if you want a collab that states its partner.

It is an us 8.