I almost forgot about these.

I had them for some years now after getting the first one at release,
selling it and regretting it.

The good thing about these:
They were already quite rare shortly after the release
and the never got that high ‘rare’ price.


If you like them of not, they surely are good retros
and it shows Nike can actually pull it off.

I even can’t remember anybody critisising it.

A bit of a pity was
that they only released some newer colorways as a general release,
all the old colors released as a (rare) Tier0.
So the resellers stepped in, snatched them up
and you could only get them paying a high price.


With a dominantely black upper with some dark grey details
these are as understating as can be.

Buying advice:
One of the better retros these show off Nike’s heritage.
Get it if you want a comfortable choice from the golden days.
Don’t get it if you don’t want your feet to look like ducks.

It is an us 8.