As the Presto is one of the most comfortable shoes I ever had or have,
the updated Lunar Presto was really a good idea to me.

They did quite a lot of changing on the new one,
except for the overall look, it hardly compares to its predecessor.
The new one incorporates Flyknit,
a Lunar sole and EM knitting, I think.


The only thing that is really comparable is the comfort.
The new one is equally comfortable.

There were not many available colors and it was not available for a long time.
If you think of the quite low price,
you can say it didn’t go too well and was scrapped quite soon.


For whatever reason, I still think (new or old)
these are the best lounging shoes.
The Presto was the Roshe, before there was a Roshe.

I like the way they used leather
to replace the plastic parts on the original,
as the tip or the sides.


When the original was first released in around 2000,
it was marketed as a running shoe.
But using it for that may be too much for it.
Maybe for shorter runs.
The new version however may be more suitable for actual running
as the lunar foam should hold up better than the standard foam.

Buying advice:
If you like the looks, it is a perfectly comfortable everyday shoe.
Get it if you like old Prestos and want an updated version.
Don’t get it if you want a bulletproof runner.

It is an us 8.