Studio iD.


What is a Studio iD?

In about 2006 Nike iDs were only available
through their website
or you had to make an appointment in a special Nike iD studio.
Not every Niketown/ Nike Store had their own Nike iD terminal then.



They included some special options for some models in their special year.
Back when the Air Force One had their anniversary you could get several leathers as gator-, quilted-, ostrich- or special premium leather.


Also the overall options were more at an appointment.


Back during the ‘History of Air’- time (around 2005) you could get the Air Max models with patent-, premium or metallic leather among others.
Other options included contrast stitching.


Also from that time were the special all-grey ‘Try-On’s.
To let customers try on the sneakers before ordering them
the studios had all models in all sizes in neutral colors.
These are the rare ‘Try-On’s.



Buying advice:
They are as rare as can be since not many people have them
and they are usually not kept new for selling.
If you happen to come across one,
be happy and get them if you like them.
Get it if you like the model and want one of the rarest versions.
Don’t get it if you rather get an expensive collab.

It is an us 8.