Why would you get one?

Since skateboarding isn’t as hip as it used to be,
the people still getting one are either active riders or people just liking it.
Nobody buying them to be hip.


After inspecting it:
The good and bad thing about skateboarding is,
although it is really like an abrasive to the sneaker,
if you produce a special skateboard sneaker,
you will not get away with bad quality.
They will be destroyed quickly and people will complain.
So these are produced well, outstanding quality and some clever details
like the lacing is a bit lowered to protect it from abrasion.

When I first saw them in stores I thought they were soccer sneakers
since the inspirations from that departement are all over.
The inspiration surely were the many adidas soccer sneakers.


Their definitive part surely is the long tongue,
Although they tell you to cut it off if you don’t like it,
in my opinion that cripples the sneaker.
A Busenitz with a small tongue?
Rather get a different shoe.

I switched out the laces from rather wide flat ones
to round, rather short ones.
They match the color beautifully.

What I personally don’t get is the Boost versions of it.
They produced the same upper with a Boost running sole.
That’s like a Jordan sneaker with a running sole to me…


I think updating the model with new technology is a good idea,
but don’t make it a running shoe.
They made Boost versions of the Superstar as well without changing the look.


Buying advice:
If you rather like skateboard sneakers, they are a comfortable,
minimal choice even off the board with some soccer design cues.
Get it if you want a buddy for every day
or if you have a soft spot for skateboarding.
Don’t get it if you run with the flock.

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