I had them before but they grew on me big time.

So after a little search I still found them online recently
and for a price that wasn’t too bad.


It was part of the ‘Chameloid Pack’
that included some uppers made to look like chameleons.


So the upper has a colorchanging theme
so when you look at it from one angle it might look green
while more red from another.



It is also an Evo, which means the several layers
and stitches from the original Kayano made room for a one-piece upper.

The release wasn’t really hyped and they went into oblivion quite fast.
Which I thought was a pity because I did really like it.


Buying advice:
The Kayano was never marketed as a ‘runner’
but rather a ‘trainer’ so I wouldn’t recommend it for running.
But the new construction and the colorscheme scream casual sneaker to me.
Get it if you like the model, don’t mind the Evo-treatment and want a special colorway.
Don’t get it if you want the best performing runner.

It is an eur 40.