Premium iD.


These are done quite good,
I didn’t find any mistakes or flaws.

Seems like they have the ‘premium’-tag for a reason.
I was surprised of the fur-material, as it is really good.
The laces and the nubuck seems worthy of the ‘premium’-tag, too.


My inspiration was the original Air Max 87 ‘Beast’,
so I tried to keep it quite simple with a splash of animal ‘print’.

The most pairs I see of the premium have too much fur for my taste.
Just because you can choose fur for every part,
you don’t have to.

I added mesh,
because I like that more
than the material used on the original ‘Beast’.

As you can see, these are worn quite a bit since I like them.

As iD I choose chinese sings for
the year of the rooster (1981, year of my birth)
and the year of the goat (2015, the year of its making).


Usually I am no fan of those ‘inspired by’ iDs,
I see it as a waste of money.
Doing an iD ‘inspired by’ another pair when you could make your own.
Think of an empty canvas and all you can do is paint somebody else’s pic.
But I got several discounts
so paying less gets you in the position to design more freely.


Buying advice:
Since it is no longer in stock at Nike iD,
getting one might be quite hard.
But it may be not that expensive
and I consider it an alternative to the Air Max 87 Beast.
Get it if you want some animal skin, but not too loud.
Don’t get it if subtelty just isn’t your thing
and you want the Supreme Air Max 87 because of SUPREME.

It is an us 8.