A former vintage gem, Nike brought back these.

It is supposed to be the first sneaker with forefoot Air.
I guess the Air Max BW is the first Max with that feature…

A nice feature I missed at first was the small tag inside the sneaker
saying ‘recrafted’.


Availability was quite broad at first, It was really easy to get.
But after some hours this colorway sold out on Nike
and only the other one was available.
It may still be available on other shops,
a statement how popular the classic runner still is.

In a hobby where every crap sells out immediately as long as it is some collab
or is hyped in some way
and these sitting makes me shake my head.

Nike retroed another old pair
and the naysayers are already waiting.
Without hearing one of them I can already quote their complaints:

‘The shape is messed up!’
(May the new one look better
if it is as worn as the old one?)

‘The original had better quality!’
(Nike makes sportswear retros now, who can blame them
for not bringing the same quality as the performance ones back then?)

‘The toes are crooked!’


‘They are too expensive!’
(lol, I’ve paid like 60€, new from Nike.)


And this comes from people that either
a) haven’t got an original.
b) haven’t seen the original in person.

We should differ between sneakerhead’s/ collector’s views and wearer’s views.
A collector wants a perfect retro and is bothered by any faults.

A wearer is happy he can wear this pair again
without the vintage drawbacks.

So the retro doesn’t match the pair in your head?

Too bad.

I am sick of them.
No retro is good
and we find something that bothers us
in every release.

You prefer the original?
Spend the money to get a yellowed,
propably unwearable sneaker with glue marks.

You appreciate the retro?
Shut up or get the original.

Many retros can be a bit tweaked with an iron or other means,
but the people are already disappointed when opening the box
and return them even without trying them on or let alone working on them.

By the way, there actually were good retros,
believe it or not.
The Air Max Light was quite perfect
and the recent Scream Green Huarache actually had a better toe shape
than the version from 2001.

My only gripe is the white material
which is just a bit off-white.


Buying advice:
It is a milestone in Nike’s heritage.
It surely is easier to get as the original.
Get it if you miss the good old times
and want this sneaker for a reasonable price.
Don’t get it to impress your friends, other sneakerheads or the blogs
and want a perfect retro.

It is an us 8.