Shame I didn’t wear them.

They are one of the best retros of the 180s for some years,
even the History of Air wasn’t as good.


I’ve had both and ended up selling the HoA
because the infrared on the newer verion was just brighter,
the HoA was rather lame.

If Nike made more retros or vintage-versions like this,
they surely were more popular.


So my opinion towards them is just:
Don’t underestimate them.

They may be quite new, but still a good version of the old classic
so even if you don’t have an older version,
these don’t have to hide themselves.


Buying advice:
They are one damn good retro, so no reason not to recommend them.
Get it if you want one of the best 180s.
Don’t get it if you think strictly ‘older is better’.

It is an us 8.