Another example of a custom Ventilator in my collection.

Now that they are not sold anymore
I am happy with ordering many pairs.
None too flashy, just subtle choices.
A flashy choice may be attractive to you now but in some years?
Remember, you get older and your taste may shift…

As details I chose reptile leather.


The colorway is usually a Nike classic
in grey and black with volt accents.
It is quite easy to stick to a color pattern.
Pick like three colors, and run with them…

The TPU didn’t look as well as I hoped this time,
that strange half-translucent yellow is a bit strange.
Solid yellow might have been better.



The Ventilator is a solid choice
and surely is as classic as many models from other brands.

Keep hating it, I like it.

Another example of a sneaker that isn’t accepted widely so if you like it and don’t care about the others, you can wear an exclusive pair nobody else has.

Buying advice:
It is another example of a custom Ventilator
so you either like it or hate it.
Get it if you happen to come across one and like it.
Don’t get it if you can’t stand Reebok
and feel more at ease with the more popular brands..

It is an us 7.5.