I didn’t think I would be that disappointed in it.
But I rather appreciate it since I now can save some money.


Why was I disappointed?

I knew the vintage version and I was expecting the same as a retro.
But when I opened the box, I was quickly sobered.


The retro is all-white with a black Swoosh and a black mudguard.
In comparison the vintage version has a grey part on the upper.
So it is white-grey-black and the retro is just white-black.


Other than that it is a good sneaker
although the material might not be really high-quality.


Buying advice:
It is another new jewel Air Max 1 and therefore it is quite missed
and you can wear it without worry.
Get it if you want a premium but still undercover Air Max 1
Don’t get it if you want the old one again.

It is an us 8.