Maybe not as rare as you hoped.

I participated in some raffles and actually won one pair a day before the release
so I was quite relaxed when the actual release came.

I slept too long and got on at about 9:30
and even managed to get a pair.
Lucky, I thought then.

But I watched some releases and after the first ones were quite chaotic
the latter ones were rather slow
and took a while to sell out or didn’t even sell out.


Nike even had a full-size restock
that even went from their release app to their desktop site
and they were not selling at all.

So what does that mean?

For anybody that wanted a pair surely it is good news
as everybody should have one now.
You surely treasure the won release more if it was actually harder to get.
But if you just like the model and plan to wear it anyway,
rarity doesn’t really concern you.

It is another example of a sneaker brought back by Nike years after the release
that many people propably spent a lot of money on the first one.
Nike used to sell exclusive pairs you missed if you weren’t lucky.
Now it is just a matter of waiting.
Didn’t get one?
Just wait some years or get one from a reseller,
prices couldn’t be that high after everybody is doing it.


I’m not at all surprised if they release all the pairs again
that were really expensive back then.
Fancy a Heijn? Or a Beast?

I’ve heard rumours of  other old pairs rereleasing
and some pairs I got.
But would I be angry if they rereleased?
I would be happy to get another pair to wear and trash
while I can leave the original pair pristine.

After hearing several opinions about the shape being not as good as the original
and the quality lacking, to those people I can say:
You will never be happy.
On every release you will find something that bothers you..

I opened the box and was pleasantly surprised of the smell of the materials
which seem to be premium at least.
Downside to premium suede seems to be it doesn’t hold its color too well.
I’ve never had a shoe that’s bleeding as bad.
After a day’s wear, my laces had a curry tint
and some of the color had rubbed off on the midsole.
I recommend washing the excess color out in plain, hot water.

Buying advice:
It surely is a no-brainer if you liked the old one.
Too bad that Nike messes up their own releases.
Get it if you want a classic.
Don’t get it if you only wear HEAT.

It is an us 8.