And another one.


Some people said the colorway was stolen and boring,
I actually like it.

It may be from a Nike Air Max 87,
but I think it goes well with these too,
especially they made like 5 different colors
in the same colorway.


This is my second pair,
I had them before and gave them away for too less money.
Now they came again.

I like that it is a Air Max 87 from 100 meters away
but it is something entirely different up close.


It is similar to the BapeStas:
They are Air Force 1s from 100 meters away,
but something entirely different up close.

And there were people calling them ‘knock-offs’ too.

Now with people buying anything that is smaller than Nike/Reebok/adidas/etc
I doubt they are still unpopular.

Buying advice:
They are like the classic Air Max 87 but from a smaller, more unknown brand.
They might not deliver as a running shoe but neither does the Air Max 87.
Get it if you want the appeal of a classic with supporting a smaller brand too.
Don’t get it if you want originality.

It is an us 8.