Something different.


I don’t know how it is now but then
they had a ‘technical agreement’ with Nike,
so they used their technology.
The Skytop III has the same removable cushioning system
as the Jordan XXI.
But they failed to deliver any alternatives which the Jordan had.
It seems to be a ZoomAir-pad.


They came in basic colors first,
like completely red, blue or grey. Really wearable with jeans.
Quality is on point and they are really comfortable.


Another advantage of choosing a smaller brand is
that they are not as ‘big-headed’ as the bigger ones.
You can see and feel that this brand
actually wants to make the best shoe, not the most money.
The materials and laces reflect that.


I’ve never had another sneaker that sparked so much controversy like
‘You can’t wear these!’
‘How do you like them?’

Well the answer is simple:
Since I don’t care what everbody else thinks and I like them…

Buying advice:
It is a well-made, undercover sneaker
that could even be made by Jordan Brand.
Get it if you want a comfy, alternative high-top.
Don’t get it if you hate skate shoes.

It is an us 8.5.