It came from nowhere.


I wanted to get it from a store but when I got to a PC,
it was already too late and it was sold out.

So I looked on Google
and found another distributor for the same price.


Another example for if they stick to some minimal rules,
everybody can make a good running shoe,
at least for casual use.

They are constructed well
and the materials feel really good.


From a performance standpoint
you will not get a tight fit from the lacing
but it is a nice idea.

Tha actual ARKK logo is partly under the lacing.


It is a really minimal silouette and as you can see,
even the heel budges a bit from my shoetree.



Buying advice:
As with most smaller brands,
you really feel like they are really trying here.
Get it if you want to try something new.
Don’t get it if you want technology on your shoes.

It is an EUR 40.


Fits really big, especially if you’re used to Nike.