Harris Tweed.


Another gem yet to be retroed.

They are truly minimal and the heel is actually just stalilised
by the strap running around it and tightened by the laces.


It might be originally a climbing (at least inspired) shoe,
that is stressed by the construction of the heel which really hugs your foot
and the lacing which goes really low to the toes to get a more snug fit.
Climbing shoes are often like that.


Nike recently brought them as retros, sort of.
They called it the ‘Pocket Knife’ but it looked like a different model.


What truly makes them special is the material
which is actual Harris tweed with their label inside.



Buying advice:
The Pocket Knife is a really comfortable choice for a walkaround.
By the way the shape isn’t too bad either.
Get it if you have a thing for older ACG-models.
Don’t get it if you only wear fresh-out-the-box.

It is an us 8.5.

(glued-in insole)