Another example of a new Air Max 1
that has an overworked shape to look like the older models.

I remember hearing about the re-release of some older models and I thought:
‘Re-release? Nice, but if they look like the recent models
I pass on them and rather get the old ones.’
That was the case with the re-release of the Safaris.


But Nike thankfully made them look like the older ones
and you could try to get them
even if you rather like the ones from the ‘golden age’.

I would have preferred a mesh toebox,
but a all-leather shoe stresses the sort of premium
and less sporty appeal of those.
It may not be the best leather but after some wears
or after a bath in fabric softener it surely is good enough.


After seeing the red one I thought I would pass on these
since I didn’t like it.
But the black one was more appealing to me.

It is now widely sold out so after a rather slow acceptance period
it is now quite hard to get.


Buying advice:
Nike seems to have a hard time getting customers nowadays
when people strayed to Asics, New Balance and similar smaller brands.
Some even think militant and avoid Nike at all.
Get it if you used to like older Nikes and still miss that time.
Don’t get it if you just follow the trends
as Nike isn’t ‘hip’ enough anymore.

It is an us 8.