Pride/ LBGT.


I had to check them out.

LBGT stands for Lesbian Bisexual Gay Transgender community.

I like the core black version.


and special makeups always have a place in my heart.
Especially when released on my birthday.

The black part isn’t just black but with grey dots on it.


It wasn’t quite cheap though as it retails for 199€.

I’m not sure if I can keep it, if I have the money, but I’ll surely try.
I guess I’ll sell the core black and keep these.


There are many versions inspired by the LBGT-community
and their rainbow logo.


I am thankful they used the rainbow only on details
and not on the entire shoe.
As that would make a really flashy sneaker.


Buying advice:
It is an Ultra Boost,
so if you like the models features already (comfy, exceptional runner),
there are not many reasons not to get them.
Get it if you want a special version of an already kicking shoe.
Don’t get it if you just don’t care about the cause.

It is an eur 40 2/3.