I’ve hesitated to get it.

Quadcopters are much easier to fly as they don’t need much space
and they stop in mid-air.

This one needs a bit of space to land and is always moving forward.

But for a fixed-wing it is a really easy flyer as it has some quadcopter-features.
It can be called ‘home’ and it returns and circles above you.


What many people miss is that you can set a maximum range
and a minimum altitude.

So if the settings are right, it will automatically turn around
and come back when the range is reached.

Also you can’t dive further than your minimal altitude,
the plane will stop its descend when the altitude is reached.

So with both aids working there is not really much you can do wrong.

The price at release was around 1300€, which was too much for me.
But after it was discontinued the price dropped to about 300€ on eBay.

For a bit more challenge you can use your hobby grade controller
and fly without any aids.


Buying advice:
For beginners with a bit of flying experience,
this one is a good start into the fixed-wing hobby.
Get it if you want to expand your horizon.
Don’t get it if you are already an experienced flyer.

(I couldn’t use my own pics as it is simply too large. 😀 )