I know the release was a while back but I was busy wearing it.
It is one of the best releases of 2018 to me, even in April.

The Air Max 1 is one of those pairs that still float my boat.

After passing on the first obsidian pair (the Patch was enough for me),
I always liked the OG obsidian pair for its colorway.

A dark blue and white with grey shoe is one of the easiest pairs to match.

Quality wise the laces are made from a high quality cotton.


I would’ve loved the History Of Air-tongue, but they are good enough.

Guess in the future I might buy some new colorways of the Air Max 1
and pass on the other hyped pairs.

It was a release in wmns-sizes, so mind that if you like one.
Since it isn’t as popular as it once was, getting it was easy
and it propably is still available.


Buying advice:
It is an understatement.
Another reworked pair bringing back an OG colorway,
you can’t go wrong with these.
Get it if you want a down-to-earth sneaker.
Don’t get it if you need something flashy.

It is an us 8.