Nike just had a sale so I checked them out.

The Sock Dart is the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn.

Most likely because of its heel construction which is really minimal and just a sock with some added plastic, as you can see.

No massive heel construction the other shoes have.


So if you choose your shoes on how ‘hot’ they are, these are not for you.
But if you choose it for being comfy and to match your clothes
these are as hot as can be.

I still remember the times when it was rarer and more exclusive
but do I miss these times?


Nike brought a bit too many colorways for my taste
and killed it a bit.



Buying advice:
I’ve said in several reviews:
The Sock Dart is perfect, even as a lounge shoe in your house.
Get it if you want a comfortable choice that matches everything.
Don’t get it if you run with the flock.

It is an us 8.