Why do I write about these?

Back then they were the first shoe by artist Jay-Z.
Sort of like the YEEZYs now.
I had an all-white pair too, the other colors weren’t that popular though,
hitting sale racks for as low as 30 €.


They even made a mid with a strap, like some popular Nike model.

They were inspired by some Gucci-sneakers that looked almost the same.



These must be the most underrated in my collection
and I am not sure people take them serious now.
The quality is just insane,
I didn’t know there was leather this soft.


Back then Reebok was almost as expensive as Nike,
but now they play the role of the ‘underdog’,
even big technologies are cheaper than expected.



Buying advice:
These are forgotten gems and if you can find them nowadays,
hold on to them.
They might be from a time other hiphop artists than today were popular
but Jay-Z is still more popular than the G-Unit…
Get it if you want a Gucci-inspired banger for everyday.
Don’t get it if you just don’t like old hiphop greats.

It is an us 8.