Before I’ll get the “inspired-by” iD later this week,
let’s shine some light on the old one.

The original is one of the best, I think.
Much better than the “Supreme“-version from that year, which can’t be casually worn.
There’s always fur jumping in your face, as the whole shoe is made from it.
These are more of an understatement.

It is an old Air Max 87,
and the benefits are a better shape and a sort of ruggedness.

It is also one pair that is almost better used.
I had an almost new pair which I sold for around 400€,
but if you don’t mind some marks, scuffs and a bit of hair-loss,
you can save a lot by getting an used pair.
And it still has a lot of life left and spilling your beer on it is not that bad.


I would ‘ve preferred mesh on them,
but the used ‘velour’-stuff gives them a superior feel.

When wearing it,
I told people when asked about it that I had the matching underwear,
which was always good for a laugh.


Buying advice:
One f the rarest older Air Max 87s, these will break the bank, especially new.
Lok no further if you like fur but want something rather  inconspicuous.
Get it if you want something to flex your sneakerhead muscles with.
Don’t get it if you want loud colors.