Another pair that shows the current state of ‘sneakerheadism’ to me.

It was sold out immediately.

Years ago that meant if you missed out
you had to go on Ebay to get one for a lot of money.


Today that only means the resellers got the shoe.
Supply and demand.
If there are a lot of pairs on Ebay, the price drops.
And if you could get one for almost retail
that means there are really many pairs for sale.

A shame since this pair is actually quite good.

A nice colorscheme, good labelling and good construction.


There were three pairs of laces included:
A flat beige pair, a round beige pair and a brown round pair,
all with different color tips.

Buying advice:
If you are hunting the 100th collab and still hope on a price near retail,
these are right up your alley.
Get it if you don’t care about resellers.
Don’t get it if rarity is your main criteria.

It is an EUR 38.