Re-released in 2018.

Nike really made an effort when bringing back these.
They are a true retro of the first edition.


The second had added padding around the heel
propably to make them more comfortable when used for running.

That decision wasn’t too bad
but what really changed the looks were the new laces.
They went from matte, thin laces to a wider, almost silky and shiny pair.


The 2018 retro has the old, thin laces and is constructed without any padding,
so they might not be as good for running but if you wanted the first batch…


I passed on the first release since I thought I didn’t had any money.
But after some days I encountered another money source
and i regretted not getting them.
But one store had a restock and I was finally able to get my pair.

Buying advice:
One of the best Flyknit Trainers, this one is a real understatement.
Get it if you secretly regretted not getting one of the first batch.
Don’t get it if you want your next running shoe.

It is an us 8.