It’s one the 5 best drones out there.

It may seem like a lot of money but what are you getting?
Think of it as a flying TV, that much technical gadgets are in there.

Sure, DJI is the market leader so you pay a bit for the name too,
but it’s not just paying for the name here.
But face it:
We spend a lot more on other things we get less for our money.

It has several sensors to keep it in place
so it will stay on the spot even indoors,
where there is no GPS-signal.


You may think that going for a foldable,
portable drone you have to sacrifice something,
but not in that case.
The amount of stuff crammed into it
can easily compare to bigger, unfoldable drones.
It even takes great pics and videos.


All the cheaper drones with less sensors are more difficult to fly,
but who spends that much money as a beginner?
I still recommend getting a cheaper bird with less aids first.
First learn to fly, so if something happens, you know what to do.

Another point is its looks:
I like it because it looks somehow more sophisticated
than its brothers who look like kids‘ toys.
Do I want to spent that much on a toy?


But remember:
With less aids you learn more about the actual flying.
So if any of the aids fail,
you know what to do and don’t immediately panic.

Unfortunately it marks the end of a journey for me.
I might get some new flyers but none better only for fun,
not to get a better quad.

I might be the only person that doesn’t care about the camera
and the quality it delivers.
Most people get it as a flying camera.
I just want a good overall bird.


Oh, and the propellers are carbon.

And I am using the controller holder from Ahltec.
It may be a bit expensive and clunky
but it helps with your flying with a tablet.
I can’t say anything bad about it, it is made 95% of carbon fiber,
so it is light and sturdy.
The transmitter can be snapped in tight and isn’t loose
also the tablet holder can be adjusted to many sizes.
Oh, and it is a bit hard to put together so expect some fidgeting.


Just tried it shortly in my driveway and it was awesome.

I flew it today extensively and it didn’t disappoint.
It is steady and the easiest flyer I’ve ever had.
If you are unsure what commands you just gave it,
just let go of the sticks and it will hover steadily in one place.
So at least one GPS sensor is the way to go, in my opinion.

To remind myself to take it off I got a classic ‘Remove Before Flight’-tag,
drilled a small hole in the guard and attached it.


I got a combined gimbal guard/ cover.
It is one part that does the job of two original parts
and makes packing it much easier.

Buying advice:
It is a top notch choice in a drone,
it is even cheaper than comparable unfoldable drones.
Get it if you want a portable bird
and still want to take great pictures and video, especially if you are a globetrotter.
Don’t get it if you are still learning much, can’t accept the price tag or want to take the best pics and video possible.

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Get it!