The old story.

First of all, you should be clear what you want:


Do I want to display my shoes or just store them?

Just storing gets more shoes per sqmtr than displaying them.

The possibility I hear a lot is the “EXPEDIT”-cupboard from IKEA.
It certianly looks ok and price is ok too. But it should be more for display, as the room could be filled better. I think the biggest has a size of 5×5 compartments, so if you have more than 25 shoes, you have to choose which to display.
Another thought are the boxes: If the shoes are displayed, the boxes have to go somewhere too. So it takes about double the space.
I wouldn’t throw them away since if you want to sell your shoes, boxes matter a lot.

I have a EXPEDIT too, but I don’t use it for sneakers.
As you can see just for storing it is not ideal:


Another option is the cheap, metal cupboard (~12 €) found in hardware stores.
It’s distribution of spaces is nice and you can store a lot of shoes without much space in between:

For display I recommend boxes (found on google, cheap). That way the dust doesn’t sit on your grails.



Another way of storing with a touch of display I found for shoes I don’t have boxes for anyways:


alpha-paletten-boxen-alpha-skyline-box-mit-deckel-8-liter-alpha-skyline-box-mit-deckel-8-liter-616796-FGRThe boxes are quite expensive (~12 € a piece) but have a flap at the front that let’s me access every pair without touching the other boxes.

Another option are the “SAMLA”-boxes from IKEA.

These look nice but are not ideal as smaller sizes waste a lot of room in the boxes (shown are us 8), higher models like basketball shoes have to be stored laying  and they are a bit tricky to access the lowest pair for example.

Price with lid is about 3 € apiece.


Another option is the “SKUBB”-box from IKEA. It is quite cheap and holds two pairs of shoes. I wouldn’t recommend stacking them too high (+ 5 pieces), as they start to become unstable and may fall down.


I recommend stacking them next to a wall or anything that holds them up. I my case I used my “SAMLA”-boxes.



I recently got a third and fourth cheapo cupboard.



I think it has the best compartment division for the paid price.

Anything similar (or better looking) is more expensive.

I think it is the best way to store your shoes without showing them off.

Oh, I attached mine to the wall, it might be unstable without.


Hornbach Schraubregal


I just got a rotary shoeholder,

it should be good for storing either all the pairs without boxes or pairs you wear regularily. It really doesn’t need much space.