What I’ve actually thought for a long time
is that the name had nothing to do with pre = before,
the runner it was inspired by actually had the nickname ‘Pre’.


A german store recently had them on sale
and after having these before
and regretting selling them, I got them.

The midsole has that ‘yellowed’ look to make it look old.


I actually got them first from a Factory Store quite cheap
but they were even cheaper now.

Additional red laces are included
but since they are a bit darker than the rest of the shoe,
I won’t put them in.


Buying advice:
It is an old classic that still shines today.
If you like that vintage sporty look, especially their shape is simply butter.
Get it if you want to represent Nike’s heritage and want a simple runner.
Don’t get it if it is too simple for you.

It is an us 8.

(glued-in insole)