Find your stuff.


This small tracker helps you with finding out
where your beloved things are.

There are cheaper trackers, but this is a bit more reliable.

To check the location of the tracker you simply have to call it
and it will respond with a text message to your phone.
In it are a Google Maps-link, the coordinates,
battery status, the date and the recent speed of the tracker.

It has several options as

  • a speed alarm
    (it sends a message if it is moved to fast),
  • you can set a perimeter
    (it sends an alarm if it moves out of a designated area),
  • a vibration alarm
    (it sends a message if it is starting to move)
  • and last but not least a battery alarm
    (it sends a message if the battery gets low)

For using the cellphone (3G) network it needs a phone card
but they offer a prepaid version for 10€ with text messages costing 10 cents.
So you have enough credit for about 10 000 texts.

It may cost about 99€, but spending over 1000€ for a drone
it is a reasonable price for finding your precious flyer.


It is about the size of a box of matches.